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Shot's Fired

Welcome To our podcast.   The Home Of Shot's Fired and Talk Shit Podcasts, produced and Dist. by Tactical Shit

The Shots Fired Podcats, hosted by Tj Kirgin, takes an in depth Monday morning quarter back approach to any and all 2nd Amendment and Firearms related events in current media.  Bringing to the forefront what real gun owners and 2a Advocates really feel and think, and not what the Main Stream Media tries to tell you.  Regular guests on the show include Combat Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, Competitive Shooters, and More!

Sep 23, 2022

TJ and the Lovely Krystal Stone sit down to talk about some healthy tips for cleaning the air you breathe every day.  TJ talks about his upcoming fitness quest and reminisces about some of his most memorable times on camera "doing it for the gram" with some of his favorite social media influencers! 

Time Stamps!
00:00- Intro
00:02- Who Is Krystal Stone?
00:05- Polluting the Air You Breath 
00:09- 42 Hard
00:21- Meeting  @Joe Rogan  
00:30- Waterboarding  @Brandon Herrera  OG content Lost to the AGES

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Hosts: Tj Kirgin @Sig_Glockincolt, Alex @dynadeathmilberg, and Krystal Stone of @krystalstonefitness
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