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Shot's Fired

Welcome To our podcast.   The Home Of Shot's Fired and Talk Shit Podcasts, produced and Dist. by Tactical Shit

The Shots Fired Podcats, hosted by Tj Kirgin, takes an in depth Monday morning quarter back approach to any and all 2nd Amendment and Firearms related events in current media.  Bringing to the forefront what real gun owners and 2a Advocates really feel and think, and not what the Main Stream Media tries to tell you.  Regular guests on the show include Combat Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, Competitive Shooters, and More!

May 27, 2023

The Fifth Circuit’s Order clarifies that the Injunction Pending Appeal in Mock v. Garland applies to  @FirearmsPolicyCoalition   members, Maxim Defense’s customers, and the individual plaintiffs’ resident family members.

The order, along with other cases like  @CRSFirearms   get talked about IN DEPTH on THIS...

May 20, 2023

In this episode, the group goes down a couple of rabbit holes.  Ranging from the recent Title 42 debacle to POTUS Lise to the troops.  At the end of the episode the group breaks down the newest body armor to hit our shelves, and what makes it such a good deal for our leo listeners.

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May 13, 2023

Alex, Justin, and The LOVELY Krystal Powers sit dow to talk about the ruck going on RIGHT NO at the tactical shit STL LOCATION.  Also they talk about past rucks, and How Justin D. got the nick name "Toe Popper".

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May 6, 2023

IL. Firearm owners now is your chance to grab those coveted "normal" capacity magazines!  We drop that little bit of knowledge & MORE in this episode.  After covering the latest shootings, the quys talk about our upcoming NVG classes, and the 6th annual Silkies ruck!  

Links below for events and orgs talked about in the...