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Shot's Fired

Welcome To our podcast.   The Home Of Shot's Fired and Talk Shit Podcasts, produced and Dist. by Tactical Shit

The Shots Fired Podcats, hosted by Tj Kirgin, takes an in depth Monday morning quarter back approach to any and all 2nd Amendment and Firearms related events in current media.  Bringing to the forefront what real gun owners and 2a Advocates really feel and think, and not what the Main Stream Media tries to tell you.  Regular guests on the show include Combat Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, Competitive Shooters, and More!

Mar 18, 2023

In this episode, the group talks about The Judges' Resolution of Disapproval on the Arm Brace Ruling and what you can do to find out more over at  @GunOwnersofAmerica  . After that they get into the meat and potatoes of this episode, what 4 guns, out of our choices, are the winners of this very different sort of sweet...

Mar 11, 2023

In this Cast, we get the full group! Starting off, we hear about a LOCAL TO US shooting right down the street from our St. Peter's location. During a normal shopping outing, an older woman was not only mugged but survived being shot in the ear! After that, we hear about the Federal Judge who knocked down Missouri's 2nd...

Mar 4, 2023

In this episode, the group set down to talk about the recent STL viral tik toc murder of what might have been a homeless man. Not only did this go down in broad daylight, but there were also people standing around just watching. After that, we get our FAVORITE lady warlord Clover on the phone to tell us about her...