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Shot's Fired

Welcome To our podcast.   The Home Of Shot's Fired and Talk Shit Podcasts, produced and Dist. by Tactical Shit

The Shots Fired Podcats, hosted by Tj Kirgin, takes an in depth Monday morning quarter back approach to any and all 2nd Amendment and Firearms related events in current media.  Bringing to the forefront what real gun owners and 2a Advocates really feel and think, and not what the Main Stream Media tries to tell you.  Regular guests on the show include Combat Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, Competitive Shooters, and More!

Dec 30, 2022

The trio set down in this impromptu New Year's Eve Special!  In this Omni-bill of a podcast the team covers everything from the recent "redefining" of the ATF on google, to where the best place to keep your gear on your body.  TJ gives you some of his NYE traditions and Krystal lets us know her opinions on sponge bob....

Dec 23, 2022

Radio Version, Ripped RIGHT OFF THE APP!

In This Special episode, TJ and Krystal sit down to talk about LAST MINUTE DAD SHOPPING!!! Which is one of tj's Christmas traditions. Tj gives a whole list of last-minute gift ideas, listed below. Then rounding out the end of the EP. we hear about the Manchin Candidate, the JFK...

Dec 15, 2022

Radio Version, Ripped RIGHT OFF THE APP!

The whole team sits down in this show to talk about their thoughts on the Navy LOWERING the ASVAB sores and RAISING the age cut-off! After that, we get into just how hard it is to launder money properly. This is in regard to the 200 Billion dollars "lost" or "unaccounted for" by...

Dec 10, 2022

In this, our longest ever, show the whole group sits down to cover for the Patriot Enclave, one of the other shows on our host radio network. Giving the group almost a full hour and a half of time to get through a myriad of topics! Just check out the time stamps BELOW!

00:00- Intro
00:02- Daily Reminders
00:06- Arm...

Nov 21, 2022

In This show, our Hosts Tj & Krystal talk about the mid-term election results, what you can do to stay healthy in your mind, what this means for our economy, and more. Make sure to grab your Local Warlord Hoodie as well sin they JUST came back in stock over on our...