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Shot's Fired

Welcome To our podcast.   The Home Of Shot's Fired and Talk Shit Podcasts, produced and Dist. by Tactical Shit

The Shots Fired Podcats, hosted by Tj Kirgin, takes an in depth Monday morning quarter back approach to any and all 2nd Amendment and Firearms related events in current media.  Bringing to the forefront what real gun owners and 2a Advocates really feel and think, and not what the Main Stream Media tries to tell you.  Regular guests on the show include Combat Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, Competitive Shooters, and More!

May 7, 2021

The King Of Ammo Meets The Queen Of Guns!

 @Orin Julie  and @sig_glockincolt sit down in this Talk Shit, Shots Fired Hybrid podcast to talk about Orin's trip to the US, the differences between Israel and American gun ownership, and SO MUCH MORE! Make sure to go follow Orin!

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Apr 17, 2021

Mayhem in the Midwest

Tactical Dave, @dynadeathmilberg, and @the_notorious_fde Sit down to discuss 3 of the most resent and media attention getting shootings that have gone off. Oddly enuff all of these seem to kinda be happening around the Northern Midwest...Let Us Know what you think about our host's hot takes on...

Mar 24, 2021


@dynadeathmilberd, Tactical Dave, and the ever elusive @the_notorious_fde sit down for their hot takes on the shooting that happened yesterday in Boulder Colorado. They OF COURSE got off on so many tangents that we had to cut this one off, so BE READY for a part 2.

If you have ANYTHING to say, drop them in the...

Mar 13, 2021

Tactical Shit staff talk about the great divide between pro-gun and anti-gun and how to change that, Daft Punk breaking up, great training tips for beginners, and more.
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Feb 23, 2021

@redwhiteandben, @mk_all_day66, Ryan C, and @tacticalsht_stl talk about Poors vs snobs, Optics on pistols are the present, Gun owners but not gun rights people, what is needed to fight Biden and his campaign to grab guns and limit the 2nd amendment, and more.

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